Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just a Little TIP

So a group I talk to online came up with starting The Informed Pagan Project(TIP). The focus of TIP is to try to battle the misinformation on Paganism. There are great minds behind the Project and I will try to help them when I can but still being a new Pagan myself, yes I've been studying but I don't know as much as them, they would be able to answer the questions better than I would.

The Informed Pagan

I hope that TIP will be able to make a difference in peoples' lives. And even if you think that you already know past the beginner's stuff of Paganism, I ask that you still check it out and/or spread the word. You may be able to help us out or teach us something we don't know yet.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Been Bad

So I've been feeling kinda bad. Not because of what's been going on in my life exactly but because of what I haven't been doing.

On the 1st I found out about NaNoWriMo. I was really excited. I could finally do something that I knew would please Djehuty. I finally had something to push me toward my goal of writing, and actually completing, a story. But I haven't felt like writing. I've hit the 3300 word mark but just can't pick it up again. Though, even though I will probably not get it done for NaNoWriMo I will still work on it for Him.

Note: For some reason this didn't get posted the other day like it was supposed to.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Ageism. Really?

Ok maybe this doesn't really have anything to do with ageism but I feel like it does.

So I have a friend that's getting into witchcraft. We planned that today we were going to go shopping so she could get some items for a protection spell. So we were going to go see the one person I knew offline that I trusted enough with this kind of stuff and had her own little shop. We get to the flea market only to find that her stuff was gone but this healing space opened across from where we had been headed. So we stop there to look around and we started talking to the women running it. She said that they had Tarot and Oracle readings every other weekend and that she didn't have everything set up since she was in the process of moving.

I forget what all we talked about exactly but I do remember that she said that she's been to almost every country but the only one she hasn't been to yet is Russia. And how she's studied different religions and whatnot. Then she saw that I picked up one of the books on angels and was glancing it over. She said that she was reading this one and really enjoyed it but didn't agree with everything the author said because the author only talks about how there's only light in the world. That should have been my first clue on who it was. But the lady pulled out the book and I thought it looked interestering by the cover until I saw that the book was by Silver Ravenwolf. I started to say how Silver Ravenwolf was a terrible author only to get shut down and the women running the little shop going on about how the building we were in was haunted, and how the women that we had gone there to see had something that she pissed off following her around, and how she's been able to see things when she lived out of the country but now that she's back she can't see anything anymore and blah blah blah. She mentioned the Wiccan Rede and saying how Wiccans follow the "harm none" because they know what they send out comes back at them. She saw me give her a look of disbelief and then started to say how the Wiccan Rede isn't really Wiccan and how Wicca isn't that old and before I could even say the words Gerald Gardner, she shut me down again and said that Wicca and Paganism is really old. Older than Christianity and that she knows this because she's studied religion.

At this point, I wanted to scream and start making a fuss. Its like what? Just because I'm 20 I don't know jack shit? I've been studying religion too.

But we ended up staying more because my friend still had questions about how to protect herself from the negative that's out there. I'm starting to forget what order all this happened in but I know I also got shut down when we were talking about the witch trials and where blue eyes came from. Yes. We even had a little arguement(if you can even call it that or anything I openly disagreed with her on) on where blue eyes came from. I remember her comment quiet clearly when she shut me down when we were talking about blue eyes. Her comment was "So is that what the governement's telling you now?" I was standing there like seriously? You're going to "fight" me on something like this? And say that I only believe it because that's what the government is saying? If anything I should be coming back at you with a similar question because everything you've basically been spewing has been from books published from Llewellyn. Are you going to believe everything Llewellyn publishes even though what you've told me has all been debunked? I remember she was telling us about this one coven she visited overseas and she was saying how it was Wiccan but they wouldn't call themselves that even though they were. And in my mind I was thinking yeah they're not calling themselves Wiccan because they're not!

But anyway. So after that was all said and done we were sent over to this one shop like a mile away, that I never knew exsisted even though I used to live down the street from the place, to pick up some crystals and herbs that my friend "had to have" for protection. I was thinking maybe this won't be so bad. Maybe this place can actually help. The women in the shop took my friend around helping her while I got distracted by the small bookcase that had some Egyptian stuff on it. I was thinking yay I can finally get some Egyptian stuff for my altar. On the shelves was a statue of Djehuty, a couple anhk(I only bought one), and an ibis necklace. There was other stuff too, like a couple Bast statues, scarab beads, and other stuff. But I walked around the rest of the shop hold the statue against me. I was happy. I thought nothing else was going to bring me down now. Then came time to pay. My friend paid for her stuff first since she was still talking to the woman. I had set myself on the counter. My friend had her bag in her hand and I had to push my stuff forward before the woman even noticed I was going to buy something. Its like really? I've been carrying this around since I practically walked in. But that didn't bother me much. What ended up bothering me was when she picked it up and said "Oh so is this Thoth?" and out of my mouth came "Well His Egyptian name was really Djehuty." And she gave me this look like "Yeah right." Then before she turned to look for the box she started telling us about how she used to make fun on Djehuty's head, being ibis-headed and all, and how her "Shamanic Drumming" group had been doing Egyptian guided meditations and how she ended up meeting Him and how He (putting this in my words) told her off for making fun of Him. And she said how He's the one writing our story down in the Akashic Records and that its not about Him its about us. So I was thinking because we were talking about Djehuty and sharing our experience with Him I'd tell her about when I first met Him. And before I could even finish she was giving me looks of "typical teenager" and stopping me and basically telling me how I was wrong because Djehuty's actually "like this." I was thinking "says the one who attends a group that most likely isn't shamanic at all but just claims the title because they think its cool."

I swear people don't have any common sense anymore. Or they just feel so entitled to everything that common sense doesn't matter anymore. That it all has to deal with being special. And people wonder why I have no faith in the human race anymore. Or ever had any to begin with.

What a great way to start of my blog of Pagan-ness right?