Thursday, May 24, 2012

And Now Back to Our "Regularly" Scheduled Posts

While now that I've got all the Insight Posts done for now, we can go back to my usual ramblings. Yay! I'm sure everyone's excited for that! *cricket cricket*

So anywho. I was going to post a couple days ago but I got sick and didn't really have anything interesting to blog about. The most I could think of was "Damn sore throat." But while I'm still a bit sick, I did find something that got my attention. Totally unrelated to Paganism but would still affect me since I do like to play video games from time to time. I wanna play Rock Band so bad. But my PS2 is a meanie head. But I could play Guitar Hero all I want. The eff PS2? Anywho, back to the original thought. Browsing the Gaiaonline guilds I'm in someone posted this article. Really? Ban the Xbox 360? While there weren't many posts in the thread that it was posted on because of the fact that its 3 in the morning (at least for the people in my timezone) on a weekday, one already thinks its actually going to happen and one doesn't. I'm kinda on the fence on this one. While I'll be sad that I'm gonna lose being able to play BlazBlue (TAO!), depending on how they do things, I'm not really going to lose much. I haven't really played with my 360. It ended up becoming my DVD player. But even then I can watch stuff on my laptop. Plus by the time they get things straightened out on what they're going to do I'll have my Wii again. I miss my shiny black Wii. And if you got any dirty thoughts because of that sentence shame on you. 'Cause that's not what ran through my head. What actually ran through my head was "Damn that sneeze hurt." But anywho, I could go on about my shiny Wii and how much fun I'll have with my mini purple controllers again. But 360. That's where we were. I actually kinda wonder what will happen with this. Will the 360 get banned? What will happen to the 360 only games if it does?

I'll return to my Pagan ramblings again. I wanted to post something to let people know I'm still alive.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Pagan Insights Project - Eureka!

Eureka! - post about something new that you have learned, or discovered recently, that is related to your path or Paganism in general.

I've actually been learning a lot since I've been able to get my hands on books and have actually been able to read. One I found in Egyptian Mythology: A Guide to the Gods, Goddesses, and Traditions of Ancient Egypt by Geraldine Pinch. It was the Egyptologists argue over the origin of the conflict between Set and Heru myth. Though I've been finding out by reading Red Land, Black Land that they argue about other things as well. But some Egyptologists argue that the origin of the myth stemmed from the conflict between Ombos and Hierakonpolis where Set and a falcon god, respectively, was the local god. Though it was noted in the footnotes that even if that origin was true the function of the myth was purely religious in nature.

Finding out this information taught me more than what was on the surface. It opened my eyes. It showed me that we really don't know these myths or culture like I thought we did. While I knew that there were still pieces missing I had thought that we knew everything about what we did have. In school, it seemed like they were teaching us absolute truths. That what they taught us couldn't change (I still say Pluto is a planet damn it. I want My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas. Not My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Noodles). That we just build upon it to advance. So it was only natural that what I was able to find in doing research wasn't completely shrouded in mysteries still. That everything there was to know about that particular subject was already known.

If any of this makes any sense at all. I hope it does. If not leave me a comment and I'll try to explain better.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pagan Insights Project - Action, Action

*Action, Action - post about a ritual, working or other experiential moment related to your path that has occurred recently, or that you are planning to do.

Learning. Learning, learning, learning. That's what I've been doing. But while its no fun just to say that, I could talk about what I want to try to do for the summer solstice. I could. But that's a month away and I don't know if I would actually be doing or able to do anything for the solstice. Its a Wednesday so probably not. The most I'd do is probably walk down to Subway. Oh well. Like I said. Month away.

People are probably thinking "A Kemetic celebrating the solstice?" My response to that is that that is something I've thought about doing when I was back in elementary school. My thoughts were "Hey its always marked on the calendar. Why can't we do something for it?" Those feelings never left. Though I always forget what day it is until its too late >.<;

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pagan Insights Project - Musical Musings

* Musical Musings - post a song, chant or poem related to your path, or one that invokes a feeling/emotion related to your spirituality (or craft). Can be in word form, but videos would definitely be awesome as well. On a spiritual level, what is your music of the moment? Is this a song stuck in your head, or one you played before your last ritual?

This song is actually a bit of a weird one. Though I do have to say before I move on to explaining this song, I tend to stick to songs that I already know because I want to be able to listen and just sing if I'm in the mood. I like the feeling I get when I sing.

The reason I chose this song for this prompt is because this song for some reason or another is the only one I've listened to that reminds me of any deity. While yes if you looked at my iPod I do have a handful Christian songs on it >.< they don't make me think of the Christian God. But this song makes me think of Aset. I still haven't figured out exactly why at all. I've actually been putting off figuring that one out. ^.^;

Friday, May 18, 2012

Pagan Insights Project - Post A Pic

Post A Pic - post an image related to your path, or one that invokes a feeling/emotion related to your spirituality (or craft… if one is a non-religious Witch), along with a sentence or two describing the image.

This was the first image that came to my mind when I thought about this prompt. Well not this one exactly but one of the moon. I always get a sense of peace and calmness when I look up at the moon. I also get a good chunk of reading done at night. Nighttime is the time that I get to sit back and relax. I don't feel like I'm rushing around. I don't want to feel rushed when I'm learning.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pagan Insights Project - In Your Own Words

Well I'm "starting a little late" with this. It was posted on TIP at the beginning of the month. And I'm just now getting around to saying and doing something about it. What a good little pagan I am. But hey. I'm getting around to it. And what I like about the Pagan Insights Project is that it'll give me a bit more of a direction to blog about than my random little musings about this, that, and the other thing. Unless you guys actually like my random musing about this, that, and the other thing. But I still feel like I need something to pull the people in. I don't feel like I'm finding the topics people want to read about. Or even approaching them the right way that its pulling people in. But eventually I want to get around to doing the 30 Days of Paganism prompt. But that might be a bit. When I feel like I've started posting on a more regular basis. Or when I feel like I'm going to have a slow month. Oh hey look! I think that might be December. Or something like that.

But anywho on to the PIP ( >.< ) post!

* In Your Own Words - your thoughts and feelings – maybe a full blog post on a topic of your choice related to your path (or Paganism in general) or just a few sentences on where you are right now. What are you studying? What are you thinking? Who are you, and where are you going on your Pagan path? What’s right and what’s wrong in Paganism at the moment?

 In my own words. There's a number of ways I could take that. To start I'll probably just answer the example questions. In later posts if/when I get back and re-answer these prompts I might do it differently. But for now you're getting this:

I am who I am. Right now my name isn't really of importance. Even in my path. Even though its been almost a year since I started following the Kemetic path I know I'm still young in it. Even though it would be nice to have the gods name me I'm no where near that yet. Some times I wonder if I'll even be. I may be an insecure person and I doubt that I'm getting anywhere but I know that this is what I want. I want to learn from the Kemetic gods. People may look at me and say "But you're only 21. That'll change in a few years." While I hope that I'll be able to continue to grow and change, I hope that this desire doesn't go away. I want something that can actually be stable in my life. So I know that I can try to make better and stabilize the rest of my life. Right now I'm reading Red Land, Black Land by Barbara Mertz for my "Kemetic studies". I'm only a few pages into it but its a bit interesting so far. Interesting in the fact that Mertz's writing is so casual. Kinda like we're sitting down and talking about it. Unlike other books where its "here's the facts" and that's it.

I'd type more but I'm tired. Should have already been in bed. But I wanted to get something posted for this. I might redo the Pagan Insights Project every so often. Just to keep track of how much I've progressed. But we'll just have to see.

Monday, May 14, 2012

O.O Why Haven't I Posted Anything?

Well the answer to that is simple. Haven't felt like it. And right now I have nothing better to do. Ok I actually do. I've actually been picking up my books again. Woot! I started re-reading the first couple pages of Egyptian Mythology: A Guide to the Gods, Goddesses, and Traditions of Ancient Egypt by Geraldine Pinch so I could continue on and hopefully finish this time. Which probably won't happen anytime soon. Reason being: I am Derpy Hooves!

Well as I've mentioned  back in my Oh Lookie Here post, I have no job and that I want to start going back to the library on a weekly basis. Well I was going through the long list of books I have on Egyptian mythology and Kemeticism and stuff like that and decided to check the library's online catalog. Well I started to put books on hold. ^.^; Hey I stopped myself at 2 this time. Unlike last year where I put everything I could on hold and then never got through it all. But I still can't get all the books that other Kemetics have said that are staple reads and I don't know if the only way I'm going to end up getting my hands on them is to have to buy them. Reason being the library I go to already has like a built in inter-library loan system. Isn't it beautiful? I could go to any of those libraries listed and return those books to any other one. But out of 38 libraries I haven't been able to find like a good 3/4 of the books on my to read list. Probably more. I haven't counted. And with me I want to be able to read the book and know I'll like it before I buy it.

So where was I? Oh yeah. Trying to start going to the library and reading more. I also mentioned the job thing. Well after I went through the library catalog, I went over to the library website. I forget why exactly. Oh right. I was looking up the time that my library branch was actually open. I wanted to go yesterday. But when I was looking on Thursday/Friday (I forget which) I found out that they're closed on Sundays from May through September. I was bummed. Why would a library be closed on Sundays during the summer? Why? I just don't get it. But oh well. As I was looking for the times on the site I saw the tab at the bottom for Employment. Randomly clicking on it I saw that they had an opening at one of the branches. My thoughts were "Yay! I want it!" "Which branch do I turn it in to?" "Oh crap I don't have a printer." "I'll take care of it on Sunday since I'm busy Saturday." "Effing a! They're not open on Sundays!! TT.TT Now what?" Well I had gotten the application printed out yesterday. But like I said: I am Derpy Hooves. I left it at my boyfriend's. ^.^; And I'm gonna be heading to the library after my mom comes home from work. And then we're headed up to the lake. Yay lawn bowling!

Starting a little late but I don't think the people up at the lake mind. Lawn bowling actually started in April. But last year they let me start like half way through the season. I enjoy lawn bowling for multiple reasons. How I got started was there were a couple times my mom couldn't go pick up my grandpa for some reason or another and drive him up to the lake for lawn bowling. He's been lawn bowling with that group for years. (Found out he's been doing it for 20+ years. Longer than I've been around.) Then one day they needed an extra person to complete one of the teams. So I got roped into it. I don't mind. I think its fun. And it gives me something to do with my grandpa. I hadn't exactly seen my grandpa as much as I used to since my grandma had gotten diagnosed with cancer how ever many years ago. Then I had just stopped trying all together after she died. I even tried avoiding going to see him when I could. I still try to get out of it when I'd be going to see him on my own. My grandma's death was hard on all of us and I know full well that my coping mechanism is avoidance. I was trying to avoid it in the early stages. I didn't want anything to do with them anymore. But its not like I could do anything to escape it all. We would go bake cookies with her every year around Christmas time. So I think of her when I bake. She taught me and my sister how to knit and crochet. She'd always have a new project she was working on when we would go visit her on the weekends. So naturally I would think of her when I would start crocheting something.

But enough down in the dumps stuff. This post wasn't going to be a downer one. Plus with having to stop and start again because my mom finally came and got me I forgot where I was headed with the rest of this. I was able to pick up the books. I got Red Land, Black Land and Temples, Tombs, & Hieroglyphs both by Barbara Mertz. I might start putting up some book reviews when I finally sit down and actually finish reading a book. Speaking of I want to start reading now so I'll end this here. Senebty.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away... Wait What?

So I was totally going to blog about this last night when I was typing up my other blog post. I stayed up long enough that I could have since I went to bed a little before 5. ^.^; But I didn't think about it until I laid down and was like "Well damn... Guess I'll do that when I get up." Well I'm finally getting around to it. I woke up an hour before my Stats final and this that and the other thing. But enough about that. On to what this post is about.

Its just kind of a random thought in my head. So yesterday it was thundering and raining. And it was actually warm enough for me to open my window so I could listen to it. Even though I was still a bit cold it wasn't like "OMG why am I doing this?" But I sat there listening to it and I kept thinking Tefnut's back. I actually laughed a bit when I thought that because a couple months ago I kept wondering since Tefnut is the goddess of moisture if that made Her snow too. Or if because Egypt was warm She would move on for a while and then come back when the weather started becoming warmer again. Now if it is the second one I wouldn't think that it would be because She's completely abandoning us. Just that the weather would turn Her into something that She isn't. Or that there is a different deity that would take over from there and Tefnut willing hands it over because snow is not what She is. I'm curious as to what others think about this. And not just about Tefnut or the Kemetic gods. But others too that would be similar to this.

(P.S. If you were wondering about the title the kids next door were playing outside yesterday and I heard them singing Rain, Rain, Go Away. And I was sitting in my room thinking "No don't go.")

Many Random Things

I've seen the topic of making fun of your religion come up many times. I see nothing wrong with it. As long as its not to the point where its insulting. If it does hit that point then why do you follow that religion? Didn't think to make a blog post about it until I read this. I was doing a quick search to see when there were festivals for Bes and Tefnut. I came across this blog and quickly glanced over it. The person thought it was funny but as I was reading it I found myself thinking "What the hell am I reading? Isn't this supposed to be funny?" If anything it kinda made my head hurt trying to figure out what the hell they were saying. And looking over others they've posted it doesn't get much better. I kinda want that time I spent reading that stuff back.

But for now for the good stuff. The con went well. I got a cute set of kitty ears. I might try to start making my own. But I just have to try to find a better way to make them stay. The one was trying to slide down off my head. But before I can start trying to experiment with that I have to get my Umbreon cosplay, that I didn't finish, done. I might try to make Zorua and/or Zoroark sometime too. But I'm becoming more known as being an Umbreon. >.< My one little buddy wasn't there this year I don't think. I semi-did my Pokemon panel for them.

International Pagan Coming Out Day. First things first. WHY THE HELL DO ALL THESE TYPES OF THINGS HAPPEN ON DAYS I'M STUCK AT HOME?! That was more of my thought when I found out when the Day of Silence was. It was totally on a day I was stuck at home and wouldn't have been talking to anyone anyway. But back to the IPCOD. I like the idea of it but it shouldn't have to be like this. It shouldn't matter what religion someone follows. Says the little Kemetic who's only partially out of the reeds. Few people know. And it depends on the person on if I would tell them or not. I would still hide it from my family. Even though I think my mom has some idea that I don't believe what she believes anymore. She was in my room over the weekend looking for my stash of Duck Tape. Its kinda hard to miss my altar. Though I guess it would kinda matter depending on the religion. Like if it was some religion that would break laws and whatnot. I'm probably not going to really do anything for IPCOD. I see no need really. But I'm not going to stop people from doing stuff if that's their choice. I just hope that they think about the possible repercussions that could happen. Not everyone's going to except people for being Pagan. We all know that. Especially if people are being annoying about it. Eh. Can't really stop people from doing what they want to do anyway.

But either way. I need to try to get my sleep schedule back in line. Even though it'll probably go out of whack again since my last final's tomorrow and I still have no job. Either way bed time. Since its getting close to 4 in the morning.