Thursday, May 24, 2012

And Now Back to Our "Regularly" Scheduled Posts

While now that I've got all the Insight Posts done for now, we can go back to my usual ramblings. Yay! I'm sure everyone's excited for that! *cricket cricket*

So anywho. I was going to post a couple days ago but I got sick and didn't really have anything interesting to blog about. The most I could think of was "Damn sore throat." But while I'm still a bit sick, I did find something that got my attention. Totally unrelated to Paganism but would still affect me since I do like to play video games from time to time. I wanna play Rock Band so bad. But my PS2 is a meanie head. But I could play Guitar Hero all I want. The eff PS2? Anywho, back to the original thought. Browsing the Gaiaonline guilds I'm in someone posted this article. Really? Ban the Xbox 360? While there weren't many posts in the thread that it was posted on because of the fact that its 3 in the morning (at least for the people in my timezone) on a weekday, one already thinks its actually going to happen and one doesn't. I'm kinda on the fence on this one. While I'll be sad that I'm gonna lose being able to play BlazBlue (TAO!), depending on how they do things, I'm not really going to lose much. I haven't really played with my 360. It ended up becoming my DVD player. But even then I can watch stuff on my laptop. Plus by the time they get things straightened out on what they're going to do I'll have my Wii again. I miss my shiny black Wii. And if you got any dirty thoughts because of that sentence shame on you. 'Cause that's not what ran through my head. What actually ran through my head was "Damn that sneeze hurt." But anywho, I could go on about my shiny Wii and how much fun I'll have with my mini purple controllers again. But 360. That's where we were. I actually kinda wonder what will happen with this. Will the 360 get banned? What will happen to the 360 only games if it does?

I'll return to my Pagan ramblings again. I wanted to post something to let people know I'm still alive.

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