Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just a Little TIP

So a group I talk to online came up with starting The Informed Pagan Project(TIP). The focus of TIP is to try to battle the misinformation on Paganism. There are great minds behind the Project and I will try to help them when I can but still being a new Pagan myself, yes I've been studying but I don't know as much as them, they would be able to answer the questions better than I would.

The Informed Pagan

I hope that TIP will be able to make a difference in peoples' lives. And even if you think that you already know past the beginner's stuff of Paganism, I ask that you still check it out and/or spread the word. You may be able to help us out or teach us something we don't know yet.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Been Bad

So I've been feeling kinda bad. Not because of what's been going on in my life exactly but because of what I haven't been doing.

On the 1st I found out about NaNoWriMo. I was really excited. I could finally do something that I knew would please Djehuty. I finally had something to push me toward my goal of writing, and actually completing, a story. But I haven't felt like writing. I've hit the 3300 word mark but just can't pick it up again. Though, even though I will probably not get it done for NaNoWriMo I will still work on it for Him.

Note: For some reason this didn't get posted the other day like it was supposed to.