Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Holy Ra!

Wow. I guess that's what I get for not checking my blog in a couple days. 11 views back on the first? (Wow I must sound pathetic) Now I feel bad for not posting anything since June 21st. But I haven't really had anything interesting to talk about. Things have been getting rough with my grandpa being moved to the Alzheimer's unit at the nursing home he was at and Mom being under the delusion that he should still be in the independent living. And on top of that my sister leaving for basic training in now 20 days. Yeah I was informed yesterday after dropping my grandpa off after lawn bowling that I will be going to church on the 22nd so we can pray for her. >.> Its like you can pray without me there. You don't even need her there either (I was told she had to go too). I can do my own praying thank you. I have nice conversations when I do it too. Plus with the way my sister is I don't think she would be quite happy with people praying for her anyway. Either that or she really doesn't care. She just kinda blows off topics I want to talk about but I have to engage her in her topics and listen to her rant about every little thing that pissed her off. Eh. Like it really matters. Can't really stop my mom and her friends from doing it anyway. So do I want to see if I can stay up for almost 48 hours that weekend? I probably won't sleep at all that Saturday night. And with my sleeping habits I'm up all night Sunday night for no reason. >.< Yeah, I know. That's not good.

But in other news, I'm hopefully going to be starting a video series. I won't post much about it on here if I do get it started since its going to be video game related. I'll make a tumblr for it or something if I do want to blog it or not. But I say hopefully because I was going to start last night. I had gotten it all set up. Ran a test run to adjust the audio on it. Was about to go live since I was using Livestream. And then I backed out. v.v I'm gonna try again tonight and hope I don't back out this time. I might do a quick run through first since my first set of videos is going to be Nuzlocke Pokemon SoulSilver. And I've never played with Nuzlocke rules before. Or I might read. I haven't read in a while. I tried to earlier today but it was when we were up at the lake and one of the couples brought their granddaughter. And for some reason kids won't leave me alone.

Ya know. Reading sounds like a wonderful idea right now. It'll help me get my mind off the stressful things and hopefully get me back on track. I know I'm starting to fold under the emotional stress coming from my sister leaving and what's going on with my grandpa and Mom not liking either of them. Most days anymore when I go to sleep I never want to wake up. Then I get At a Glance running through my head. Anyway. I'm gonna read for a bit. Then go to bed. Since I haven't slept yet.

So for your listening pleasure: