Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A is for Anpu

Day 2 of playing catchup. I decided my second A should be about the god Anpu. While I don't have a relationship with Him, yet (if it will ever happen), I figured I'd share some information about this wonderful god. Plus I talk to a women that has a direct interest in Him and another that had an interest in mummies. So I figured what's the harm in getting information that they might not have on Him.

Anpu, more commonly known as Anubis, is the guardian and protector of the dead. Before Asar started gaining popularity, Anpu had also been god of the underworld but then was limited to the embalming process and funeral rites. When the Ogdoad of Hermopolis and the Ennead of Heliopolis merged, Asar had more popularity and was stronger than Anpu which resulted in Asar being the king of the underworld. It was said however, for Anpu to save face that He willing stepped down when Asar died out of respect for the dead king. Some myths said that Anpu was the son of Asar and Nebet Het (who was also involved with funeral rites) so He was still associated with the Weighting of the Heart but as a guardian instead of a ruler.

Eventually, Anpu also became the patron of lost souls and funeral rites. In this aspect, He overlapped Wepwawet, who was another jackal god. After that, Anpu absorbed Wepwawet and people started seeing Them as one in the same.

Anpu had a few different sets of parents throughout the history of Egypt. The first was thought to be Ra and Hesat. Then later, some myths would say that Asar and Nebet Het, Set and Nebet Het, and even Asar and Aset. Some even said that Anpu was Bast's son because of her association with the perfumed used in the mummification process.
In the Seventeenth Nome of Upper Egypt, there was mention of a wife named Anput. She and Anpu were said to be the parents of Kebechet, goddess of purification.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

A is for Altar

So one of the women I talk to online shared a link to this blog project, called Pagan Blog Project 2012. Reading it over I figured why not. It'll give me ideas for blogs to post and make me a bit more active, seeing as I haven't posted anything in 2 months. Normally these are supposed to be posted on Friday, but I figured why not play catch up? I mean this is week 5. So why not use today through Thursday to post the blogs I would have posted if I had signed up for this when it started? Plus I'd feel a bit weird just jumping in at C or starting at A and not being able to finish the alphabet without it leaking into 2013.

So I'll begin with my altar. Not a very exciting one. I'll try to have a better one for you tomorrow. I had some personal things go down between me picking the topic and me ending up changing it. I was going to do a blog on the afterlife, how the ancients viewed it and how I personally view it. But that'll be a blog for another day.
Since I'm having issues with getting pictures off of my iPod and onto my computer and I have no pictures of my altar since I moved it, you'll have to use your imagination as I describe it to you. So to start off my altar is set up on my book case. I thought it was a bit fitting since Djehuty is one of the gods I have a relationship with. Nebet Het didn't seem to mind either. I think She was actually kind of glad that I was able to make some space to move my altar so it wasn't so cramped.
Starting from the back I have the glass bottle that I use to offer drinks sitting in the middle. Then on my right is my Djehuty statue. When the flash drive I dedicated and offered to Djehuty isn't in my computer or I'm taking it to school it sits on the base of the statue at His feet. On my left of the bottle is the decorative candle holder that I offered to Nebet Het to represent Her. Its purple wax cylinder with a bit of flower patterns around it. Its hollow inside with metal along the base so a person could set a tea light candle inside without it melting the outside of it. Since I can't burn candles in the house, my mom doesn't trust me with them for some reason, I use battery candles. I haven't gotten any complaints yet so I'm taking that as a good sign that They don't mind me using them. In the back corners I placed pine cones that I picked up one day when my mom, sister, and I were out for a walk. I feel it kind of connects it to where I live.
All the way to my left in the front is a set of gold silverware to use when I finally get my hands on a dish that's suitable for food offerings. Next to the silverware, in front of Nebet Het's candle, are the gold bracelets that I offered to Her. Well more like I found them when I was going through some of my stuff and She told me She wanted them. Usually what's next to the bracelets is my Egyptian mythology book, but right now its with me since I was going to read a bit. Then on top the book, would be my gold ankh and the silver ibis necklace I offered to Djehuty. Next to the book rests a black beaded necklace that has a black and silver heart. I wear that necklace when I'm going somewhere that isn't school. When I go to school, I wear the ibis necklace. Next to that necklace is a pen and pencil that I offered to Djehuty and haven't needed for school yet. The ones I offered and are using stay with my school stuff.

And that's all that I have on my altar so far. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a more exciting blog for you guys.