Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away... Wait What?

So I was totally going to blog about this last night when I was typing up my other blog post. I stayed up long enough that I could have since I went to bed a little before 5. ^.^; But I didn't think about it until I laid down and was like "Well damn... Guess I'll do that when I get up." Well I'm finally getting around to it. I woke up an hour before my Stats final and this that and the other thing. But enough about that. On to what this post is about.

Its just kind of a random thought in my head. So yesterday it was thundering and raining. And it was actually warm enough for me to open my window so I could listen to it. Even though I was still a bit cold it wasn't like "OMG why am I doing this?" But I sat there listening to it and I kept thinking Tefnut's back. I actually laughed a bit when I thought that because a couple months ago I kept wondering since Tefnut is the goddess of moisture if that made Her snow too. Or if because Egypt was warm She would move on for a while and then come back when the weather started becoming warmer again. Now if it is the second one I wouldn't think that it would be because She's completely abandoning us. Just that the weather would turn Her into something that She isn't. Or that there is a different deity that would take over from there and Tefnut willing hands it over because snow is not what She is. I'm curious as to what others think about this. And not just about Tefnut or the Kemetic gods. But others too that would be similar to this.

(P.S. If you were wondering about the title the kids next door were playing outside yesterday and I heard them singing Rain, Rain, Go Away. And I was sitting in my room thinking "No don't go.")

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