Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Many Random Things

I've seen the topic of making fun of your religion come up many times. I see nothing wrong with it. As long as its not to the point where its insulting. If it does hit that point then why do you follow that religion? Didn't think to make a blog post about it until I read this. I was doing a quick search to see when there were festivals for Bes and Tefnut. I came across this blog and quickly glanced over it. The person thought it was funny but as I was reading it I found myself thinking "What the hell am I reading? Isn't this supposed to be funny?" If anything it kinda made my head hurt trying to figure out what the hell they were saying. And looking over others they've posted it doesn't get much better. I kinda want that time I spent reading that stuff back.

But for now for the good stuff. The con went well. I got a cute set of kitty ears. I might try to start making my own. But I just have to try to find a better way to make them stay. The one was trying to slide down off my head. But before I can start trying to experiment with that I have to get my Umbreon cosplay, that I didn't finish, done. I might try to make Zorua and/or Zoroark sometime too. But I'm becoming more known as being an Umbreon. >.< My one little buddy wasn't there this year I don't think. I semi-did my Pokemon panel for them.

International Pagan Coming Out Day. First things first. WHY THE HELL DO ALL THESE TYPES OF THINGS HAPPEN ON DAYS I'M STUCK AT HOME?! That was more of my thought when I found out when the Day of Silence was. It was totally on a day I was stuck at home and wouldn't have been talking to anyone anyway. But back to the IPCOD. I like the idea of it but it shouldn't have to be like this. It shouldn't matter what religion someone follows. Says the little Kemetic who's only partially out of the reeds. Few people know. And it depends on the person on if I would tell them or not. I would still hide it from my family. Even though I think my mom has some idea that I don't believe what she believes anymore. She was in my room over the weekend looking for my stash of Duck Tape. Its kinda hard to miss my altar. Though I guess it would kinda matter depending on the religion. Like if it was some religion that would break laws and whatnot. I'm probably not going to really do anything for IPCOD. I see no need really. But I'm not going to stop people from doing stuff if that's their choice. I just hope that they think about the possible repercussions that could happen. Not everyone's going to except people for being Pagan. We all know that. Especially if people are being annoying about it. Eh. Can't really stop people from doing what they want to do anyway.

But either way. I need to try to get my sleep schedule back in line. Even though it'll probably go out of whack again since my last final's tomorrow and I still have no job. Either way bed time. Since its getting close to 4 in the morning.

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