Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Oh Lookie Here

Oh hey! Look! I'm posting another blog post. And it hasn't been over a month! *throws confetti*

What inspired this blog post was I randomly went onto the TIP tumblr and found a post about the recent news that was posted on The Wild Hunt. Article for those who haven't seen it. While most of the comment that was posted when TIP shared the article was about what Z. Budapest had said about her song I was more excited about the news about the library. Its an interesting idea. And it kinda makes me excited. It makes me want to travel to DC just to see it. Though it does disappoint me that the only copy of the Book of the Dead is the one translated by Budge. But hey, its a new library that ran on volunteer work to get it to where it is now. And should I be surprised that just searching Wicca I get 5 pages? While searching Egyptian and Norse gets me one each and Greek gets me two pages? I wish we had something like that closer to where I live. I'd totally go there when I could. Well depending. I'd actually probably be a bit concerned depending on who ran it. I'm still not completely sure on the Pagan community in my area. Mostly because I haven't really met any. But I'm hoping that I've run into the only bad apples in the area. But I severely doubt that. One can hope right?

Looks like if I was to take the trip out to that library it would take about 7.5-8 hours according to Google Maps to get there from my house depending on traffic. Overnight trip? Do some sight seeing? Probably. But that'd require me to have a job first. ^.^; I'll be getting my sister's car once she leaves for basic training so that'll be one obstacle out of the way that's holding me back right now. Job? Yes please. I miss having a bi-weekly income. Right now its like once a semester. Oh yay.

Speaking of libraries I wanna try to become reacquainted to the one by my house. I miss my weekly trips to the library. Hmm... I wonder if they're hiring. Or if there's a library in the area that is. That's what I wanna do until I can open my own shop. I wanna work at a library or bookstore. Been that way since I was 16. I love books. I love the smell of them. Though I wouldn't try smelling library books. I don't know where they've been. But that's a quirk of mine. When I get a new book I just open it and sniff the pages. I don't care if any of you think I'm weird for doing that. I'm proud that I'm different. The world wouldn't be fun if everyone was the same.

Totally off topic. But Marines. The hell. Why is it every time I take my sister to PT because I wanna borrow her car to get food they ask me multiple times if I want to join? Do I look interested? Ok it is a possibility since I did actually go there with her. But to try to seriously find some reason for me to actually join? What is seriously going through their heads? Like today I ended up dropping my sister off and then leaving so I could go get air in her tire and pick her up a case of water since she was down to her last bottle. I get back and yeah I can see why they would think I was interested. I showed up out of no where on my own and only a few of them had seen me once before. I told them I was there waiting on my sister since I drove her. They got back to what they were doing. I think they had stopped to take a small break since they weren't doing anything when I got there. They did a set of exercises and then they were trying to get me to join them. Then after a couple more sets they tried again. I told them I'm the kinda of person that just wants to bury her nose in books. Which I was actually going to do but there was no room in the office for me to sit and read since they had to move everything so they could do their ab work. The one guy that I'm guessing had already gone through training (that wasn't the Staff Sargent) piped up saying that there were positions that all I could do was read. And that I could read in different languages. I just kinda shrugged it off. Then we had to drive over to the park where they go run. They went on their run and I sat in the car and read. They stood around chatting for a while once they had gotten back. I ended up catching part of their conversation. My sister was complaining a bit on how she was the last female left since the other female had left for basic on Monday. Their response was basically "Well why don't you recruit someone?" They all turned and looked at me. Its like what part of "I will not join the armed forces" doesn't get through their heads?

Now before anyone says anything, its not that I'm against the armed forces. Its that I have a bit of an Imagine mentality and I'm not fit for the armed forces. Physically or mentally. So yeah. That and I'm not going to up and leave my friends. Not again. And long distance relationships? Hell no. I'm not going through that again. Though my ex keeps thinking that I will. >.> That's a rant for a different time.

Other than what ramblings I typed out not sure there's much else. I'll try to get to the PBP posts that I owe. I'm still trying to get the motivation to work on them. Though posting stuff here's a step in the right direction right?


  1. That's the problem with the library - I mean it's amazing as a step for the Pagan Community, I just wish the books they had weren't such utter crap, you know? I mean, OK, they have a few good books, but they only have one copy of each. Why are there like three copies of Ralph Blum? Why so many Silver Ravenwolf? What's the point in having a Pagan library if you're going to stuff it full of shit and prolong the problem? You know?

    1. I noticed that. I was all sad face. In the Egyptian search I only came across maybe three, at the most, titles that I have seen other Kemetics recommend to others that were interested.

      Do you know if all of the books where donated by others? That could be a possibility why they would have more of that than others. If not than I'm not quite sure I would want to know what they were thinking. I've still got mixed feelings about the library. As you said, it is an amazing step for the Pagan community. But again as you said book selection's hinders it a bit. Hopefully we'll be able to look back at it again after a while and see if being heading in the right direction. I think its a bit too early to tell.