Monday, April 16, 2012

Blog Post of Blogginess

Sorry guys. I know its been like a month and a half, or something like that, since I've posted. I do still keep the Pagan Blog Project in mind but I've still been having next to none motivation. Way back for D I've been wanting to do Djehuty and Duat. For E I want to do Eye and Egyptian Paganism. F was going to be Flooding and Fertility. G was going to be Geb and Geraldine Pinch. But for H I'm still trying to pick out of three different ones. I want try to either Heru, Heka, and/or Het Hert.

Though it might be a sad thing to say that after this I probably won't be posting for a bit either. ^.^; Its that time of year again where me and a group of my friends get little to no sleep as we host Shinboku Con! *cue random anime music* And now I'm getting random flashes of Fallen as I'm trying to get my thoughts back in line.

Right blog stuff. Oh hey I can at least give you guys content rather than me just babble on about how I'm so far behind (which is obvious) and advertise an anime and roleplaying convention. Yay storytime! So I bought this necklace. Beautiful necklace. Its got an obsidian pendant. Then came the "Well who will I offer it to?" When it came down to it I ended up leaving it as an open offering. If I remember right what came out was basically whoever wants it can have it with the thought of one of the deities I've talked to could claim it. Yeah I left myself open on that one. Let's see. I offered it... I think it was last Wednesday. I didn't wear it until Saturday (Thursday I had classes so that was my ibis necklace and Friday I didn't go anywhere. Yay having no car!). Saturday started off normal. And it might have just been normal. I haven't completely looked into if my suspicion is right yet or not. But I noticed that I was a bit more clumsy than I naturally am. I didn't think anything of it until later when I went to grab the necklace hanging from my neck and realized that it was my new one. I started thinking "Does it have something to do with this?" It may have been a bit premature to jump to that but hey. That's how my mind works. Then yesterday I was at my boyfriend's. I forget what was on TV. I wasn't paying attention to it. I was letting my mind wander as I was messing around with the seeds I had gathered from the yard (for no particular reason). Then my mind went back to what had happened the previous day. The major event that my friends thought I ran into the wall and it knocked me down (I turned and walked into a cubicle wall and because I was laughing so hard I sat down). As my mind finished replaying that, one word came to mind. Bes. Now I'm gonna be looking farther into it because all I have is that obsidian is a protective stone and Bes is a protective god and He has a sense of humor. The two I've talked to think it could possibly be Him. But there's only one way to figure it out. Ask. I'm gonna be doing that tonight after I do a bit of reading. After my homework. I'd actually laugh if I'm right. Why? Because I would. Brain's still a bit scattered.

Well I've got a meeting with my group for our class project. I tried to keep it coherent. If it isn't... I blame my lack of sleep! Let's hope that this time I actually start posting again instead of posting once every couple of months.

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