Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So Behind...

I'm sorry guys. I fell behind posting in the blog project. I was on an emotional rollercoaster and when I was at my high points and would try to type something the words didn't want to come out. I think also part of it was the weekly email that gets sent out for it. It's supposed to give the Pagan ideas for topics. But how is someone supposed to blog on a topic that doesn't relate to their path? Besides the gods and goddesses the topics are more for basic Wicca-flavored ENP. Last I looked I'm not a Wicca-flavored ENP. It's nothing against Wicca. It just doesn't fit. I mean yeah it'd be hard to send out an email with something from every single path. But why act like everyone's the same? I know a number of Pagans that get annoyed at being clumped together with Christians. But it seems like some of those Pagans are grouping all Pagans into Wicca-flavored ENP. Plus I think I'd get yelled at if I tired to place Djehuty and Nebet Het in a Wiccan ritual. I think Set would be a little mad too. And I'm trying to get on His good side. Not piss Him off. Plus there are other reasons why it wouldn't work even when I form a better relationship with Set and try to place Set and Nebet Het in the rituals. I might get into that in a different blog. "Kemetic Couples and Why They Won't Work in Wiccan Rituals" I think that would actually be interesting. What about you guys?


  1. I've expressed similar exasperation with the newsletter. Recent emails have been less offensive, but there's a definite closed-mindedness when it comes to Pagan religions that aren't generic ENP witchcraft. It's insulting, and it's annoying, and given how many people are participating you'd think the person sending them out would be a bit more aware.

    So, even as a ditheistic Pagan witch myself, I don't find much inspiring in the newsletters. I glance at them anyway as a matter of course, but I think you should feel free to just ignore them. Use the opportunity to go into different aspects of Kemetic recon and hope that people read them and will learn that there's more than just Wicca-esque stuff out there!

    Plus it gets you a bunch more readers ;) My readership has gone way up since I started participating,

    1. I had the topics planned out a head of time. Even wondered if I should change them since I was having a hard time typing up something for them.

      And I don't doubt that its helped. Its helped me come up with topics to blog about. And I'm pretty sure 99% of my readers are because of the project(I know one for sure started reading just because it was my blog).

      Plus I think I was just frustrated when I posted. I had a lot going on and I just misdirected it at the PBP because I felt like I had to post something for people to read. So I might have over-reacted a bit. I usually don't mind the emails. I usually just look it over with some small bit of hope that, even though I might not use it, that there'd be something else there. Then when there's not I just go about my day like usual. You're right that I should use this to show that there is more out there. Like what you're doing with Heathenry.