Thursday, February 9, 2012

C is for Communication

Hey look! I'm all caught up! Well sort of. Computer issues have made it so I couldn't post on Friday.

Today's blog is about communication. Communication is important to everyone. Regardless of path. And also regardless of who you're communitcating with. The everyday person communicates in some way to everyone they interact with. Whether it be through actual speech or through their actions.

Communication through the Internet is a little harder though. You don't know what the persons' tone of voice is or see what their body language is. Wording can help try to get across what a person is saying. Also how you type can be taken into account of how you come across to others. But the underlying problem with all forms of communication is interpretation. A person can say one thing while the other person thinks they mean something completely different by it. I mostly deal with it online. Go figure. A lot of it will be that someone will say something and the other person will take it as an attack. I started a guild on Gaiaonline. I figured it might be a great place for people to get together and learn about Egyptian mythology and the modern religions that come from it. While I was setting it up I was completely forgetting about Tameran "Wicca" until I had a user submit a request saying that she was one. Knowing it would cause an arguement if I just let it go, I tried to lay down was is and isn't Wiccan in one thread and start a discussion on Tameran Witchcraft in another. The user took this as an attack on her religion, like I was saying it was completely bogus. In reality, I was trying to only point out that while its still a valid path, the name is inaccurate. I'll save the discussion on what is and isn't Wiccan for another time. This is about communication. Not Wicca.

Then you have communication in your path. Its still very, very, VERY important. And one has to remember that its a two way street. You have to listen and be open. But not too open to where you'll believe anything and everything. The phrase "If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything." comes to mind when I think about that (leading to me thinking about Sucker Punch and then House every time I say it like that). I actually have a bit of a somewhat perfect example. I had some stuff going on in my personal life. I would ask Djehuty and Nebet Het to help and guide me. One night, when I was talking to Djehuty and He told me to talk to Set. I didn't exactly listen. Then for a while after that I wouldn't hear from Nebet Het at all. I'm still working on patching things up with Her. So we'll see how that goes.


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