Thursday, June 21, 2012

Little Free Libraries

I swear. Every year after going to the Duck Tape Festival I want to make stuff out of duct tape. I almost have a project finished. I just need to add a strap to it. And I might try adding pockets if I have enough tape left over. Its all purple because my mom stole my silver. But I've been thinking about making different things and hoping to be able to sell them. My next project after I get more tape is to try to make a Pokemon messenger bag or notebooks where instead of card board its tape and then sewing it all together. So I randomly wandered onto Etsy to see what kind of Duck brand duct tape stuff was being listed and ran across this. I saw the word library and I had to stop and read it. The more I read the more I wanted to do it. So I went over to the Little Free Library website. But as I was reading, I stopped and realized I wouldn't have many books to put in it. I do have to admit that I am a bit of a book hoarder. Looking at my bookcase I'd have one book that I would be willing to put in my Little Free Library if I actually do build one. Yeah I know people can order from the website but I'd rather build my own. But maybe I'll do something like this later on in life. Or see if any of the other tenets would be willing to participate.

In other news
So yesterday was the Summer Solstice. Did I do anything like I wanted to? Nope. What was going to happen was my aunt came up so I was going to drive Mom to work, do whatever, pick up Mom, and then we were going to go see her. As I'm driving Mom to work we get a flat. As after we took care of that I just went back to bed. Then while I was asleep Mom somehow got a second flat. So yeah. It wasn't exactly a fun day. And to top that all off there's a shit storm coming because of what's going on with my grandpa. All I have to say is Mom's delusional and won't believe anyone when they say that Grandpa's memory's shot. Well getting there. I knew he was forgetting things but it wasn't until the last message that I got from my uncle that found out how bad it actually was. I didn't want to believe my uncle when he said that it would make me cry. Yeah that's something I hate doing. I hate crying. I see it as weakness within myself. While I don't care if others cry. I hate doing it myself. When others cry I want to help them. But if I'm the one crying I hate myself for it. Ok but back to what I was saying.
I felt sad last week when I was looking out the window with <Name Removed> toward the Marketing Office and VP apartments and he didn’t know what either of those buildings were and asked me about them. He told me he is having a hard time trying to remember his name let alone other people’s names and places. He did remind me he has ice cream in his freezer from the melon festival, not in those words but I completely understood what he was saying.
That's part of the message. I was supposed to pass it on to my mom but I haven't been able to bring myself to show it to her. She probably would try to deny it even if I did. I know it hurts her. My grandpa was so intelligent. So involved in the community. And I don't even know if my mom fully recovered from when we lost Grandma. So I can see why she would try to deny that anything's wrong with Grandpa. She doesn't want to loose the last person in her immediate family that she still has real contact with. Her sisters don't really talk to her much. I almost wonder if she kinda feels like my one aunt that dropped contact with everyone in the family.

But in other other news

Mwahahaha getting it stuck in your head now too. And yes I'm a Yu-gi-oh! fangirl. I had to do something so this wouldn't end on a sad note. So I chose to let that out. When it first came out I thought it was going to be stupid because it was a show about a card game. I only started watching because they mentioned Egypt. >.<; But anywho I need to get to bed. I think I have to take the car to go get the tire replaced later today.

Oh and I might be getting around to doing Round 2 of the Pagan Insights Project sometime soon to keep me posting.


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