Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Goodbye World, Hello Kalos

Well I wish I could say that. I'm tired of all the school work. Pokémon Gen VI just had to come out over the weekend. Make it even harder for me to get motivated to do any homework. *eye roll*

Anywho, so I've been debating on either starting a new blog or just getting/making a new journal. I know I have unhealthy habits. One that I've been getting poked at to work on is my emotions. I bottle everything. And I know I can't keep doing that. So last night I decided I need to start recording what I bottle up. I need to get it out.

So between classes I went to the bookstore and got a journal. I personally like writing better. Harder for me to erase. Easier for me to hide. There's stuff that I need to get out but I just don't want anyone else to see. Maybe at some point some of the stuff I will share because I'm going to record everything. Everything that comes to mind.

Well class is about to start. So this will be all for today. Got a final and speech to write when I get home after work today. Joy.

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